Soft cheese with bloomy rind
Fat content

Fougerus cheese was created by the Rouzaire establishment in Tournan-en-Brie, as a homage to a cheese which no longer exists today, the Chevru. Its name comes from the fact that the cheese is decorated with fronds of fern. It is in the shape of a thickish disc, with a diameter of 13cm, a thickness of 3 to 4cm and a weight of between 500 and 600g.

Fougerus is matured for 1 month in a humid cheese cellar.

Appearance of the Fougerus cheese: bloomy rind speckled with red pigments
Odour of the Fougerus cheese: an odour characteristic of Brie
Texture of the Fougerus cheese: soft but not excessively
Taste of the Fougerus cheese: taste reminiscent of the countryside of the Brie area.      

Associated wines Fougerus Associated wines

Champagne / Pomerol / Beaujolais / Faugères