Brie de Meaux

Soft cheese with bloomy rind
Fat content

The Brie de Meaux cheese: Introduction

The Brie de Meaux cheese is a cheese made in a large mould, reaching a diameter of 35cm. Well-known since the Middle Ages, it was appreciated by a numer of French kings and had its praises sung by many a writer, Brie experienced its moment of glory during the Congress of Vienna in 1815. At a banquet for all the plenipotentiary, each person was served their favourite cheese. It was the Brie de Meaux which  was  crowned the "King of the cheeses."

The Brie de Meaux cheese takes the form of a flat disc with a diameter measuring 35cm, a thickness measuring 3cm  and a weight of 2kg. The Brie de Meaux cheese is made according to its traditions. It takes one month to be made , and uses 25 litres of milk. The maturing process lasts one month  in a humid cheese cellar, during which, the cheese is turned  several times by hand.

Exterior and interior appearance of the Brie de Meaux cheese: rind is covered in a coat of white velvet, with a sprinkling of red pigments. Interior is a glossy, straw-coloured yellow with an evenly distributed form.
Odour of the Brie de Meaux cheese: developed aroma
Texture of the Brie de Meaux cheese: supple but not runny
Taste of the Brie de Meaux cheese: fruity and earthy.

The Brie de Maux cheese has been classified as AOC since 1980.

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