Royaume Uni
Blue-veined cheese
Fat content

Shropshire Blue Cheese's colour orange stems from Bixa Orellana, a natural food-colouring substance which has been using for a long time by the indigenous peoples of South America. Shropshire Blue Cheese is creamy, very tasty thanks to the blue veins obtained by the Penicillium Roqueforti. Similar to Stilton, it is a soft cheese with a strong and slightly sharp taste. It is tangy and stronger and creamier than Stilton. You can eat it with some bread.

Aging : 12 weeks
Wheel of 30 cm height and 20 cm diameter


This cheese was created in the seventies at the dairy Stuart Castle, in Inverness, Scotland, by Andy Williamson. The cheese was first known under the names Inverness-shire Blue or Blue Stuart; the latter was chosen to increase its popularity, although there is no link to Shropshire County. After the dairy Stuart Castle closed in 1980, Elliot and Hulme Harry Hanly, relaunched the production, but once again the production stopped quickly. Shropshire is now made by the dairies of Long Clawson, Leicestershire and Colston Basset in Nottinghamshire. However, the cheese is now also produced in Shropshire County, in a small dairy of Newport, called Wycherleys Fine Foods.

Associated wines Shropshire Associated wines

Porto / Monbazillac / Sauternes