Abbaye d'Echourgnac (trappe) ou Timanoix

Uncooked pressed cheese
Fat content

Abbaye d’Echourgnac takes its name from the area where the abbey is situated in the Dordogne region. This cheese is in the shape of a small thick disc which weighs 300g. It is matured for 3 to 4 weeks in a humid cellar and the rind is washed.

Today, the monks of the Abbey of Timadeuc in Brittany have taken over from the nuns of the Abbey of Echourgnac, to make this extraordinary cheese matured using a nut liqueur. At the end of 2003, the Cistercian nuns could no longer satisfy the growing demand for the cheese and shared their recipe with the Abbey of Timadeuc who were able to meet the demand. Today the cheese is sold by the monks under the name ‘Timanoix’.

Appearance of the Abbaye d’Echourgnac cheese: smooth ochre yellow rind
Odour of the Abbaye d’Echourgnac cheese: a weak odour
Texture of the Abbaye d’Echourgnac cheese: supple, elastic
Taste of the Abbaye d’Echourgnac cheese: mild, lovely bouquet of flavours.

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