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Introduction to Westcombe

Westcombe is a variety of Cheddar, which has been producing since the 1890's in the dairy of Westcombe, Somerset County. It is protected by a PDO. Westcombe is between the mildness of Montgomery's Cheddar and the character of Keen's Cheddar. It is slightly tangy and creamy. Some blue can appear from time to time, which makes it tastier.

Fabrication of Westcombe

The milk comes from farms of the region. It is heated to 35°, the rennet is added when the milk reaches a certain level of acidity; the curdling lasts 45 minutes. Then, the curd is drained, heated to 40° and stirred. When the cheesemaker thinks that this step is over, he places the curd on a cool tray. After that, the curd cut, salted and pressed for at least 24 hours. The cheeses are removed from the moulds and wrapped in a thin bandage. They are then bathed in hot water, wrapped again, pressed and greased to make the rind appear. The aging ends up after 20 months in humid and cold cellars.