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Uncooked pressed cheese

Wensleydale: An introduction Wensleydale is an English cheese, produced in the village of Hawes, in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire. It originates from the 11th Century, whilst the Cistercian monks from Roquefort settled in the area of Fors, then Jervalux, Wensleydale. They brought with them the recipe which originally used ewe's milk. Cow???s milk progressively replaced ewe???s milk from the 13th Century onwards. In 1540, the abbey was demolished but the farmers took up the production of the cheese, and so Wensleydale did not disappear. The production was the same up until the Second World War. During the war, the government called for all milk to be used to make cheddar, this rationing continued until 1954. This was a blow to the production of Wensleydale, until 1992, when the Wensleydale dairy was just about to go under, a local business man took it on and it became a thriving success. Another helping hand in the success of Wensleydale was the renowned animation Wallace and Gromit. In the animation, Wallace???s favourite cheese is Wensleydale and he mentions it often. After the success of the animation, there was even a Wensleydale made and sold under the licence of Wallace and Gromit, which was a huge success. The Wensleydale dairy is currently trying to obtain a PDO to protect the ancient origins of the cheese. Characteristics of Wensleydale There are four different types of Wensleydale; Real Yorkshire Wensleydale, Mature Wensleydale, Blue Wensleydale and Smoked Wensleydale. The first is the youngest, least matured; it is only matured for three weeks. Its texture is hard and crumbly, and it has a creamy taste, similar to Caerphilly, slightly tangy with an after taste of honey. Mature Wensleydale is matured for 6 months, it is therefore drier and harder and it has a stronger flavour, loved by connoisseurs. Smoked Wensleydale is a young cheese which has been smoked with wood ash. Blue Wensleydale is different in that it is blue veined which creates a tangy flavor. There are also other forms Wenslydale, produced seasonally, or using secret recipes, adding strawberries, cranberries or pesto.