Our background - Lyre d'Or 2012- Cheese Platter Competition

06. Lyre d'Or 2012- Cheese Platter Competition

The Lyre d’Or 2012 competition took place at the ‘Salon de Fromage’ (Cheese Exhibition) which happens every two years as part of the ‘Salon de l’agriculture’ (Agricultural Show).

Created by the ‘Syndicat des Crémiers-Fromagers’ (Association of Dairymen and Cheesemongers), each time, the Lyre d’Or draws enthusiasm from professional cheesemongers and from the public. The aim of the competition is to reward the savoir-faire of the creation of cheese platters: the mastery of professional techniques, the choice of quality products, hygiene; and also the aesthetics of the composition…everything has to be carefully thought out to win over the judges!

Annabelle Leplé joined Androuet  2 years ago and today shows his mastery and savoir-faire of cheese, of the maturing process and the displaying of cheese. Androuet are very proud of his talents. Discover the selection of Annabelle’s cheeses at 17 Rue des Belles Feuilles, in the 16h arrondissement of Paris. Cheese platters can be assembled on request.