Our background - Androuet is celebrating its centenary.

07. Androuet is celebrating its centenary.


----- 100 years -----


For Androuet, 2009 was a special year marking a hundred years of selecting the greatest cheeses from the best localities (terroirs). A hundred years of exciting the tastebuds, of a gourmet reign, of the empire of taste. A hundred years of maturing and informed advice given which delight the senses. A hundred years of gustative success sprinkled with inventions since the opening of the first cheese factory in Paris in 1909 by Henri Androuet. Joined by his son, Pierre, they swiftly became the ambassadors of cheese throughout the world.

Building on this culture and savoir-faire, the House of Androuet embodies continuity and maintains the great tradition of gourmet cheeses, remaining on a constant quest for quality. Even though maturing is a matter of taste, it is also a question of expert know-how, and today, for Androuet, providing the best quality consists of selecting the best cheeses which will be brought to full maturity thanks to the maturing process conducted by a team of enthusiasts, all professionals in hand-crafted cheese.

Taken over 7 years ago by its new chairman, Stéphane Blohorn, the Androuet firm has celebrated its 100th birthday and is reasserting its ‘DNA’: by maintaining more than ever before the diversity of what they have to offer with over 300 cheeses on their shelves, and remaining fiercely devoted to protecting small producers and the handcrafted work which have been dear to them for now more than a century. This is a step which above all is intended to promote people and their localities.



Le 1909: A Centenary Cheese.

Not merely content with having invented the renowned Brillat-Savarin in the 1930s, well known to all cheese lovers, Androuet is now creating Le 1909, the Centenary Cheese. It is a ewe’s milk cheese of the “Pérail” type, made by an enthusiastic breeder from the Grandes Causses (limestone plateaux) of the Aveyron. This cheese, with a natural rind has a creamy, very melting texture, lingering for a long time in the mouth, with flavours of milk as well as of nut and a slight scent of scrubland and pasture. It makes for an unforgettable tasting experience !